Most dealership’s idea of simple camping.






Over the course of our camping life, Eric and I have had a number of camping rigs.  We’ve had a tent, a short, 12 foot, fully self-contained travel trailer, a toy hauler, a slide in truck camper, a longer travel trailer with a pop out and our current rig.  Each rig we’ve had has its own unique list of pros and cons, but we’ll save that discussion for another day. 

When we went shopping for our current rig we had a short list of what we wanted:

  • Something small and manageable – we wanted the freedom of camping anywhere and we didn’t want to completely tax our truck doing it (been there done that with the toy hauler).
  • Something with a walk around queen bed – have you ever tried to climb over your sleeping spouse, down a ladder in the middle of the night, trying to get to the potty, after a few campfire cocktails? It usually spells disaster. 
  • Something with tank sizes we could live with – we like to dry camp away from people.
  • Something with a toilet and shower – 5 days in the most amazing, remote, primitive campground in Mammoth, in the truck camper without a toilet taught me the importance of toilets. The campground did have pit toilets which did not work for me.      
  • Something that didn’t break the bank – unfortunately, we don’t get to camp everyday so we had a budget amount we were comfortable spending on a “recreation” toy.

Now, if you have ever been RV shopping in California, you know the concept of small and light, with well thought out, useable space really doesn’t exist in the masses of new manufactured travel trailers.  Everything we looked at was big and heavy compared what we had in the past and what we wanted in the new one.  Another bone of contention was TT floor plans have gone away from the open floor plan to having a tucked away, separate bedroom that is walled off.  This makes both the living quarters and the bedroom feel cramped and claustrophobic in the smaller class of trailers.

We decided to browse the internet and see what was available, both new and used, in our area.  We found a used toy hauler, close to the house that was a little tired looking but still ticked off most of our “must haves”. 

We got lost on the way to the dealer where the toy hauler was located and ended up at a completely different dealership that we didn’t even know existed.  When we got out, we were greeted by a super nice, extremely laid back salesman.  Who politely told us how to get to the other dealer, but also wanted to know if he could help.   

Eric told him what we were looking for and the sales guy kind of smiled and said, “Come check this out.”   We’d didn’t expect much, we’d been in this situation before where a salesman shows us some monstrosity of a trailer that weighted more and was longer than the space shuttle, but we humored him anyway and followed along.        

And there she sat, the Cherokee Wolf Pup Limited 16FQ made by Forest River.  I couldn’t believe it.  It had everything we wanted in 16 foot  rig, with a GVWR of 3,960 lbs.   (Dry weigh: 2,925lbs, Payload: 1,035lbs).  The only real drawback we could see was the single axel and single propane tank (we later added a secondary propane tank, a blog on that will follow).

Cherokee Wolf Pup Limited 16FQ by Forest River

Our front queen.



Toilet, Tub/Shower, Vanity, Sink, Large Mirror 


Cherokee Wolf Pup Limited 16FQ Specs & Features:

  • Exterior Dimensions: Total Exterior Length: 22’2”, Exterior Width: 85”
  • Tanks: Fresh Water: 38 gal. Gray Water: 25 gal. Black Water: 25 gal. Gas/Electric Water Heater 6 gal.
  • Power Awning – 10’ (I’ll never have another RV without a power awning! )
  • AC & Heating: 13.5K BTU Air Conditioner & 20K BTU Furnace
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • Exterior LED Light strip on Awning & additional outside light – This is awesome because the LED strip is attached to the RV not the Awning so you can utilize the light strip when the awning is rolled up.
  • Good sized outside storage
  • Led Interior Lights – This is a HUGE power savings from our previous lights
  • Night Shades
  • Appliances: RV Refrigerator IPO 3.3 Bar & Grill Refrigerator, 2 Burner Gas Stove, Upgraded Stainless Microwave and Range Hood
  • Queen bed w/ under bed storage dimensions: 60”x 75” which we changed out to a regular queen bed 60” x 80”
  • Plenty of Overhead Cabinets for storage
  • Two person Dinette/Sleeper with seat storage – We make this into a bed each night for Norman.
  • Toilet, Shower/Bathtub, Sink Vanity and large mirror in the bathroom – There is actually more room in this bathroom than in any other rig we’ve had.
  • Spare Tire & Stabilizer Jacks
  • Stereo with Inside & Outside speakers – Now the speakers suck, but the Bluetooth capability is awesome.
  • USB Charging Stations – We’ve never had this before and it’s perfect for all your charging needs)


Eric’s Favorites: It’s short, light and due to the single axel, it turns on a dime, LED light strip outside mounted to the trailer and the price of the trailer.  

Mindy’s Favorites: Power Awning, USB charging stations, Plenty of Storage

Norman’s Favorites: It’s a Pup, just like him.    

RV Ready in Lake Elsinore, CA

Forest River